Narrow Gauge North


The G-Wizz Garden Railway Display Team

Scale G
Gauge 45mm
Size 28’ x 8’

The Group was formed in 1993 by the owners of the three constituent garden railways shown on our display stand, the railways being The Blowing Sands Light Railway, The Old Orchard Line and The Shonnette Railway, another new line is under construction in Blackpool to join the group.  The Groups aim was to promote the garden railway hobby in general, and “G” scale in particular.

The plan was to replace the usual practice of some track on a table top with a real garden, complete with grass, trees, plants and stone walls.  The first display was at Lytham in 1994 using track “lifted” from member’s gardens.  Following this success the group received an offer from Richard Kohnstamm Ltd., the UK importers of LGB, for them to supply the track and control equipment for the G-WIZZ display.  This important development removed the need for members to strip their gardens of track for every exhibition.  This arrangement continued until 2000 when new importers were appointed by LGB.  Following these changes new track and controls were purchased by group members making the group completely independent again.  As before, rolling stock is provided by the members of the display team, and therefore varies depending which crew is on duty.  The buildings too are supplied by the members and are from POLA, JIGSTONES and WELSHPOOL POTTERY depending on the display.  The G-WIZZ secret of success lies in the garden, because the plants are real the display is never repeated exactly the same each time, and so varies with the seasons from spring right through to Christmas.  We can even change the theme from Swiss to German, USA or even trams.

In addition to the railway, the group has a display stand showing photographs of the railways which make up the group, and our video system which shows “G-WIZZ Homeground” continuously through the exhibition.  The video features the three member’s lines and shows the different character of each.  The group members have presented a series of features in GARDENRAIL magazine describing their lines.  A new development for 2003 was to install a low level digital demonstration line in the centre of the display using the LGB MTS system, giving visitors a chance to test the latest equipment, and to compare it with the analogue system.

Our operators (and gardeners) are always pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding the layout, gardens, plants of “G” scale railways in general.  Visit our web site for the latest details of the group, and where you can see us next – remember this layout is never the same twice! – it is literally grown to order.