Narrow Gauge North



A 009 layout by John Thorne 
Scale 4mm/1ft
Gauge 9mm
Size 11’ x 1’8”
Purbeck is set in the 1950’s and assumes that the industrial lines on the Isle of Purbeck were extended to not only carry the ball clay, but to include a passenger and local freight service.  These trains ran into a station located at Corfe.  From the station a line extends through the Dorset countryside, covered in the local gorse, into the works of the Purbeck Clay Company.
The layout is not intended to be a model of the actual industrial lines that existed, but illustrates the ball clay industry, with weathering beds, a drag liner, and a clay processing works.  To give the layout a prototypical feel, various original buildings have been modeled, and also scratch built models of the original Lewin and Manning Wardle locos can be seen working the clay trains.
Also modeled is the original school wagon which daily transported schoolchildren from Goathorn to Norden (Corfe).
The station area consists of a small station building, goods shed and loco shed, and outside the station is parked a local bus belonging to the Hants and Dorset Bus Company.
The layout uses PECO track and pointwork, all buildings and stock are scratch built, and the layout also features working lighting. The main lighting can be dimmed, so that the yard lights and building lights illuminate the layout.
Other features include
    • Working loco turntable.
    • Motorized wagon turntable in the clay works.
    • Motorized yard crane in the goods yard.
    • Motorized drag liner
    • Buildings with fitted interiors.