Narrow Gauge North



A 009 layout by Stan Williams
Scale 4mm/1ft
Gauge 9mm
Size 10’ x 2’

Rothampton is a fictional place somewhere in the North of England, at the head of a valley. The railway is essentially a farmer’s line bringing in the coal, farm feeds and materials. Sheep, cattle and timber are taken down the valley. Passengers are catered for on the occasional mixed trains, with extra trains on market days down the valley, and at weekends.

The operators are members of the 009 SOCIETY which caters for small scale narrow gauge modellers. We will be happy to answer any questions regarding the society, the layout, scenic’s and the models. In return we ask you to enjoy watching the trains go by and, if present, control your children and prevent any finger poking. Most of the models are made by the operators, and it only takes a second to destroy many hours work.