Narrow Gauge North


Sand Hutton Light Railway - Sand Hutton Central

A 1:48 scale layout by Peter Kazer
Scale 1:48 (1/4in/1ft)
Gauge 3/8 in

The Sand Hutton Light Railway was constructed on the estate of Sir Robert Walker at Sand Hutton, some seven miles east of York. In part it was built on the line of an extensive 15in gauge "garden railway" previously built in 1912, but this later railway was a much more elaborate affair, eventually extending to some 7.5 miles in length, and constructed under a Light Railway order. It was built to a gauge of 18in and employed stock bought in from the Deptford Meat Depot, supplemented by original vehicles from Robert Hudson Ltd. It had interchange facilities with the N.E.R. at Warthill on the York to Hull line, and served the whole estate, and some surrounding farms. There was a branch to serve Claxton brickworks, and at one time its whole output was sent via the SHLR. A proposal to extend to Scayingham was never executed mainly because of problems with crossing the then navigable Derwent River. Sir Robert Walker died in 1930 and once the driving force had disappeared the railway quickly followed. Today virtually nothing remains; even the Hall has long since disappeared.

The model is of the central depot and station modelled on 3/8in gauge track, using code 40 rail. The stock is representative of the original in numbers! One coach, one van and two locomotives (the original had four) being at the unusual scale it has entailed scratchbuilding every aspect of the model.