Narrow Gauge North


Die Keinnamebahn

A HOe layout by Andrew Jeffcock
Scale HOe (1:87)
Gauge 9mm
Size 12’ x 2’6"

I chose this layout name almost in a moment of panic. Having said that I would like to display a layout at my local club’s (New Mills & District Railway Modellers) exhibition in 2017 I was asked what it was called. I realised that I had no name for it!

Knowing a small amount of German, on the spur of the moment I chose “Die Keinnamebahn” – “the railway without a name”. From this name I was able to make a ‘history’ for the line.

The railway is set in the Alsace area of France/Germany, allowing me to choose from a mixture of French and German features. The line would primarily carry cement, fuel oil and timber from the port at Keinname and traffic from the ferry. The main loco type I use is the excellent Roco Hf110 tender and tank locos with roling stock by Bemo, Liliput and Roco.

Further information is available on Andrews website -