Narrow Gauge North


Redwood Lumber Company

An On30 layout by Kevin Hughes
Scale 7mm/1ft
Gauge 16.5mm
Size 10' x 2'

Situated in north west California during the 1950’s, Redwood Lumber Company portrays a small logging and lumber line, of which there were several during this time.

Locomotives and rolling stock were sometimes purchased second hand from other companies, hence the various road names.

The line interchanges cars with another narrow gauge railroad, namely the South Pacific Coast.

Shay’s and Climaxes are the principal loco’s, which along with the rolling stock, are all from Bachmann – tracks and points are PECO,

The Engine house, sawmill and water tower are scratch built from balsa strip.  Scenic materials are from Woodland Scenics and the ballast is sand.  Trees are shaped and stained balsa trunks, with foliage of conifer green.  The back scene uses emulsion paint for the sky, pastel chalk for the clouds, and Humbrol matt enamels for the distant trees and mountains,

The layout is operated in DC mode, and was featured in the March 2007 issue of Continental Modeller.

Photographs reproduced with the kind permission of Steve Flint, Peco Publications