Narrow Gauge North


Pont Gelert

A 009 Layout by Darren Hedges

Scale: 009 (4mm – ft narrow gauge)

Pont Gelert is one end of a fictional 2 foot gauge railway somewhere in North Wales. The line serves several slate and granite quarry’s along it’s route along with a couple of copper and lead mines. It was decided from the outset that a passenger service would be provided for the local population. A recent development is the extraction of timber from the local woodland areas, and a siding was laid just south of the station (off scene) for this new traffic flow. The loaded timber trains have to run round in the station loop before proceeding back down the valley.

Pont Gelert consists of a 2 platform terminus station. One platform has a run round loop and one is a short bay. Opposite the station is a goods yard with a coal siding and a general merchandise loading dock. The goods yard is accessed from the loop by means of a head shunt.

The slate retaining walls and fences are all built from individual pieces of thin card and then painted and weathered.

Track work is mostly Peco 009 streamline with some hand built sections at baseboard joints and on the sharper radius curves.

The layout is wired for conventional DC and has 5 switchable sections. Point operation is by the wire in tube method which also operates double pole slide switches to control polarity of the live frogs. The layout has a 5 road traverse style fiddle yard. Each road is capable of holding 2 trains, maximum train length being dictated by the station run round loop.

Most items of rolling stock on the layout are hand built from kits with a few items converted from European ready to run.

Automatic uncoupling is achieved through the use of fixed neo-magnets and tufts of long grass.

The scenic area of Pont Gelert measures 60 inches by 12 inches.

The layout is located in Doncaster and is owned and operated by a member of the South Yorkshire Area Group of the 009 Society.