Narrow Gauge North


Racoon Canyon Mining

A 0n30 layout by Tony Kell
Scale 0n30

Size 12’ x 3’6"

Some time ago I got the On30 bug. I'm still not cured and so as a form of therapy I have built this layout which is loosely based on American prototype, set high in the mountains, where the Arithmetic Either Ore is mined. This is sent to "Algebra" down in the valley, along the narrow gauge line, where it is worked out. In addition to this, more mathematical puns! Enough!

Unfortunately the bears seem to have eaten all the Racoons, as I don't see any left in the hills around the mine, but there are a number of other critters scuttling about the place.

The layout is operated with a Lenz DCC system, and many of the locos have "on board" sound systems...chuff chuff chuff, clang, get the picture.

The track is PECO 7mm narrow gauge track painted and weathered to make it look old. The mountains are made of polyurethane foam boars cut with a carving knife, and coated with Artex prior to painting with emulsion paint.

Some of the buildings are American laser cut wooden kits