Narrow Gauge North



A 009 layout by owner Paul I Davies
Scale 009 (4mm/1ft)
Gauge 9mm
Size 3’ x 1’

A 3' x 1' 009 layout by Paul Davies.

For the past decade, Fantasonics™ Engineering has featured a delightful imaginary railroad, The Incredible Dizzying Heights Railroad, on their popular website, "The Model Railroad Magic Website." This little "railroad above the clouds," shown in a series of drawings by artist Dan Sawatzky, has fired the imaginations of thousands of model railroaders. Now Andrew Milner, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire England, has created a magical OO9 model of this fabled line, naming it Summit after the principal station on the Fantasonics railroad. Though this layout isn't square like most pizzas, it is an unbroken circuit and thus topologically equivalent!

Go ahead—take a look at the original drawing, then come back here and check out Andrew's imaginative modeling of the line and enjoy the photos below. It feels mundane to describe the technical details when our heads are up in the clouds, but here's Andrew on the subject: "Summit is a OOn9 loop based on the drawings found on the covers of the Fantasonics sound CD’s. The layout is built on ½in plywood so getting the lower level to look like it was in the clouds was a challenge. I used girder bridge sides and cotton wool for clouds to try to give the effect. The narrow gauge loco is a scratchbuilt body on an 0-4-2 chassis converted to 0-4-0. Everything else is scratchbuilt—buildings, bridges etc from stripwood, painted plaster for rocks."

The layout measures 36x12in (90x30cm) and was built as a module for an eccentric modular layout created by members of the online Cheshire Railway Modellers, where independent OO modules were designed so they could be joined to create a cooperative layout. (This explains the OO track at the lower level of Andrew's layout.) Summit premiered, alongside the other members' modules, at the club's annual show in January 2009.

Text and photos provided courtesy of "Micro/Small Layouts for Model Railroads"