Narrow Gauge North


Sandie River Logging Co.

A layout by Graham Ash
Scale Fn3
Gauge 45mm
Size 16’ x 12’


I have been building the above layout for the last 2 years.

The layout which is built against a fictional logging railroad is part of a complete layout which fits into my garage at home.

This layout shows loggers life in the outback, showing a log loading scene, movement of loaded and unloaded logging skeletals and disconnects.

It shows most of the differing types of logging locos employed to move these dangerous log cargoes around.

Also shows a trestle bridge, over a ravine area.

Also a log camp area, showing loggers and their wives

The layout is built on 4 layout boards; each measuring 4ft x 2 ft, these form the public show front of the layout. Additionally a further 2 – 4ft x 2 ft boards make up a behind scenes fiddle yard.

The layout is built on traditional terms of why pay when it’s for free.

The track is all hand laid as are the points which are home made.

The track is all Peco Code 200 and the same track is used to make the points up. The points are powered using a Lenz unit and Tortoise power motors

The layout is powered by a Lenz 100 Digital set, which not only powers the locos, but also powers the points via a Lenz points unit.

All the locos on this display are powered by DCC, therefore each loco has its own DCC decoder fitted, some are fitted with additional sound units, these are expensive but sound fabulous.

Eventually this layout will be increased in size to have a Sawmill, proper logging area, a town and outbound goods. When finished the complete layout will measure 17ft x 12 ft – and will have a continuous run around