Narrow Gauge North


Tor Farm


A 7mm/1ft scale multi gauge layout by Howard Martin
Scale 7mm/1ft
Gauges 6.5mm;9mm;16.5mm
Size 4’ x 2’

The TILLIG mixed gauge track allows the running of 16.5mm, 9mm and 6.5mm gauge rolling stock, and at a scale of 7mm/foot these equate to prototype gauges of 2’3”, 15” and 10.25”.

The purpose of the layout is to demonstrate the Avalon Line and Black Dog Mining Co range of 7mm scale narrow gauge kits; hence most of the stock is from these ranges.  In addition there are a number of kits from the Wrightlines and Roy Link ranges and some scratchbuilt Z gauge items (mainly built by Chris Krupa).

The layout hopefully demonstrates that an interesting 7mm narrow gauge layout can be built in a 4’ x 2’ space, and that a number of different gauges can be used.

If you have any questions about the layout, the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association or 7mm narrow gauge modelling in general, please feel free to ask.